Once fondly known as the ‘Oxford of The East’, Pune is a city that effortlessly blends the old and the new. While this term references Pune’s reputation as a student favourite, the city weaves this thread of tradition and modernity seamlessly with its cultural heritage of old monuments alongside college campuses, cutting chai, and its famed airport in Viman Nagar.

Pune’s very first encounter with work meets play, Viman Nagar Social is uniquely its own - right from the entrance itself which is designed to disorient you from the ordered cacophony of its mall location by leading you through a crate-lined tunnel reminiscent of the city’s old market lanes straight into a zone of hustle, bustle and good times!

The ode to Pune’s journey is further carried on by the interiors that immediately evoke the winding lanes of old Poona with its vintage black and white photo frames depicting the history of the local people in an unbroken timeline - with one wall bearing the red oil paint of the city’s post office, now little used but still well-loved; while postcards, old-school newspapers and pages picked from discarded school books further add to this overall sepia tinged afterglow.

If you’re looking to get your work mode on, look no further. With a suspended trampoline to help you zone out, work out of and host your brainstorming sessions, promising a space that is buzzing with ideas, Viman Nagar Social has everything an office, cafe and bar has and a lot more.

With its seamless blend of past and present, and an eye towards the future, #VimanNagarSocial is the place for ideas to truly take off.




viman nagar social

T-02 & 03, 3rd Floor,
Phoenix Marketcity, 207,
Viman Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune
Ph: 8291877094