Versova, truly the suburb of strange paradoxes. This quirky shoreline suburb is one of the few places on Earth where the brawn-to-bean ratio in all of its coffee houses tips strangely are in favour of brawn. Despite the suburb’s notorious reputation for the film audition rat race, it paradoxically also has a community of thriving creative professionals, and artists far removed from it.

The space in Versova is a sprawling 3 story outlet, complete with a garden terrace to kick back and gaze out into the sky and ponder life. The interiors are as bohemian as the idea of space in Versova. That's because Versova Social is designed to look like a Victorian Greenhouse. The split levels as well as the courtyards at multiple levels create nooks and crannies, designed for different moods and varied experiences. The first floor has a large, airy indoor space with a cozy private courtyard garden space, which doubles up as the workspace area, while the second floor has an indoor space and a large courtyard along with an open bar.

The 'greens' have been fanned out, and allowed to run wild - while the other decor elements shapeshift as you take a walk through the space, the omnipresent foliage remains constant throughout, changing forms and identities throughout. Moreover, Social’s raw structure sitting against a backdrop of mangrove greens along with the terraces at levels was an instant call to create various secret spaces reflecting the natural growth outside.

#VersovaSocial aims to create an oasis in the midst of another, albeit one that’s infinitely more spacious and combines Versova’s many paradoxes.





CTS No. 1311 / 2, Plot - B,
Savitri Bai Jotiba Phule Rd,
Juhu Versova Link Road, Andheri West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061