When Navi Mumbai was being conceptualised as India’s largest planned city, chief architect Charles Correa envisioned a city ‘that would be a solution to Mumbai’s chaos’. As it turns out, Navi Mumbai itself saw an unprecedented growth and was flocked by millions for a better lifestyle. Naturally, Navi Mumbai has birthed a community that is both active and conscious, where equal importance is placed on work and play.

Placed inside the official mascot of capitalism, a mall, SOCIAL’s new outpost provides a stark contrast to the glitz, glamour, and flamboyance that these shiny structures are associated with. Rather, the area is shielded with pixelated glass and convex mirrors that distort how we look at things traditionally, allowing for a counter culture perspective that at the heart of what SOCIAL stands for.

The terra cotta and firebrick interiors of Vashi SOCIAL are complemented by a lush cover of plants. Corrugated steel and exposed wires resemble an urban ruin that has been repurposed as a whole new object. The rusty, warm edges of the furniture indicate dilapidation but showcase an appreciation for beauty in imperfection that grows on you.

The entire outpost pays subtle homage to the early outlets of SOCIAL yet sets a mood that is completely unique and experimental. In a way, the outpost evokes the classic Ship of Theseus thought experiment: Does a ship remain a ship after all its elements are replaced and restored?

To know the answer, you have a new place to visit and make yours.




vashi social

F31 Plot No. 39, Inorbit Mall,
1, Palm Beach Rd, opp. Vashi,
Sector 30A, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400705