Lower Parel has come to be not just the Moolah Mining borough of Mumbai, but also the hub of creatively led businesses and media houses. This is where start-ups come to become corporations, and ideas become institutions. Todi Mill Social aims to play a catalyst to just that.

Todi Mill Social finds home in a large 7,000 sq. ft repurposed Loom Mill. The design aims at retaining the enchanting old school Mill structure of the 1920's flanked by elements of the age. Think retro sloping roofs, now interjected with a plethora of skylights which flood the restaurant with much needed abundant natural light. The original robust steel columns at the periphery, almost a century old, make way for the entrance through a spanking orange shipping container.

The space has 100% recycled furniture and repurposed objects that quirk up the décor, while miniaturized wire framed installations of the space itself complete the design palette. Its bare walls, whilst speaking of the era gone by, strike up an unconventional but intriguing dialogue with the natural greenery that peeks into the old wooden, black stained windows, designed to open up cubicle-blinkered minds. Not to forget, the open courtyard at the rear peeping into the main space through the metal bar ledge, makes room for some spontaneous, dynamic conversations.

Blending the functionality of a workspace with the ambience of a café, #TodiMillSocial aims to be nothing less than the handloom to weave together all of Mumbai’s next institution establishers and mold breakers.




Todi Mill

242, Mathuradas Mill Compound,
Near Viva Centre, Todi Mills,
Lower Parel, Mumbai