Imagine a universe that combines the best of art, technology and music. Where the futuristic offerings of an NFT gallery meets the old school charm of an open air music festival. It’s a universe where we celebrate the power of technology and harness it to create a sub-culture where artists, creators, and entrepreneurs can thrive.

Welcome to a new form of expression, welcome to the SOCIAL NFT Studio!

Located in the IT hub of the country, New BEL Road SOCIAL is designed to reflect the pulse of the neighbourhood it resides in. From the completely online ordering system to the NFT art that is displayed on the walls, it’s cool, it’s edgy, it's the future!




New BEL Road Social

30 postal address,
472, New BEL road,
Ground floor next to Shanti Sagar Hotel,
Chikkamaranahalli, Bengaluru,
Karnataka - 560054