If you’ve been around for longer than a decade, you probably know that Nehru Place birthed Delhi’s first tech boom, decades before the days of ridiculously easy access. From what began as a hub for all things IT, Nehru Place is now a bustling ecosphere of its own.

Social’s signature anti-design theme runs through Nehru Place Social with underlying brickwork peeking through distressed walls and much more. For the co-working crowd, there’s the comfort of an exclusive space, cordoned off by a glass door.

Here, you can go back in time with Ferris wheel booths and ride it as long as you don’t drop your food. Tables in the center might hit the ground if you want to sit down and eat, but go straight up with giant metal chains when you’re ready to party! If you want to play the role of spectator, sit on the massive steps that mimic stadium seating, or work out at the bar with Social’s half-cycles to make up for those weeks (months?) of gym you skipped. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without odes to now defunct IT paraphernalia straight out a geeky collectors dream - a visual reminder of all that Nehru Place has meant to the city over the years.

#NehruPlaceSocial represents everything Nehru Place does – a thriving energy, a space for innovators to discover, disrupt and challenge, and an unstoppable pulse.




Nehru Place

R-1, Upper Ground Floor,
Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station,
St Nagar East Of Kailash Rd,
Nehru Place, New Delhi,
Delhi 110019