The 80s were a rather interesting decade. The personal computer had made a grand debut, while the hippie movement was going through a lousy hangover. The US had declared a War on Drugs, yet cocaine consumption had hit an all-time high. Techno and House music were just being discovered, while Michael Jackson was rewriting what being a performer meant.

Back home in India, the city of Calcutta was seeing sluggish growth, while Bombay showed no signs of slowing down. Delhi was embroiled in pollution and political turmoil, while Bangalore was still a pensioner’s paradise and not the IT behemoth that it is today. Amidst all this chaos, only one city in the entire country was thoroughly enjoying its filter coffee at Ratna Cafe, glorious test matches at Chepauk, and Sundays at Marina Beach -- Chennai FKA Madras!

A clear shift was seen in Chennai’s F&B scene when restobars and lounges moved from their havens in hotels to swanky standalones. These venues saw steady attendance and applause from the thalaivas of Tollywood to the thalaivis of politics. Slowly but surely, the city has made major strides in the F&B industry. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t -- it has tropical [dare we say hot?] weather, beautiful beaches, an incomparable cuisine, and a vibrant culture that other cities can only dream of.

And as upholders of culture across 6 cities in India, it seemed like a natural progression for SOCIAL to open our 26th outpost in India’s most cosmopolitan city.

Located in the elegant Royapettah neighbourhood -- of which Mount Road is a big part -- the outpost is located inside the popular Express Avenue Mall. Walk through a ‘Buddhist Garden’ to enter an area that resembles a tropical time machine. Find yourself strutting through a swimming pool-themed mosh pit, as you make your way through the leafy foyer to cozy seating. Neon pink lights with wacky messaging are juxtaposed on curvy walls that seamlessly lead to a terrace with the best views in town.

Borrowing from the themes of the decade-defining TV series Miami Vice (which made wearing round neck tees with pink suits all the rage), Mount Road Social is a futuristic trip to the past. The outpost is a sea change from how traditional ‘places to chill’ are experienced. It’s a true embodiment of the Chennaiite’s maxim: it’s not just a place, but a vibe.

Our ‘Vannakam Ibiza’ theme is a grand welcome to this feeling, when you want to work x play in the moment, but party like the 80s.

So ride the tide for a good time, because #ItsSocialDa!




mount road social

E Hotel, Gate 1,
Express Avenue 1st floor,
Patullos Rd, Royapettah,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002