SOCIAL has just landed in Aerocity, New Delhi!

So, unfasten your seatbelts and brace yourselves for an elevated dining experience

Imagine a flight without endless security checks, with ample leg room, plenty of window seats, and good food! Sounds too good to be true? It's not! Because SOCIAL has just landed in Aerocity. The newest outpost promises customers a delightful flying experience thanks to its aeronautical themed interiors and the classic SOCIAL experience we all know and love.

Located in the world hub of Aerocity in New Delhi, this outpost is set to be NCR's newest hangout spot, offering the ultimate balance between travel, work and play. Like all SOCIAL outposts, it has been designed to mirror the high-velocity environment of its surroundings, where people from all walks of life inhabit a world of their own. It encourages them to be their authentic selves, no matter who they are, where they come from and what they identify as. Just like an airport, it is a microcosm of the world coming together.

Keeping with the spirit of the neighbourhood, the design of the facade and interiors are inspired by a quirky aeronautical theme. Sit down by one of the window seats and soak in the many nuances that make the first-class flying experience come alive. For starters, the colour palette includes a trio of red, white, and glinting steel that are widely synonymous with the aviation industry. In addition to this, the outpost boasts circular domes and a classic bar, which will take you back to some of the poshest airport lounges. All these elements come together to delight customers and make them feel like they are flying with SOCIAL.

The menu features classic eats with a twist, to thrill the taste buds! One can sit back and relax with a plate of Fully Loaded Nachos, topped with molten cheese and the most delicious salsa! They can also opt for crowd favourites like SOCIAL’s famous Butter Chicken Biryani, Fish Tacos, Jalapeno cheese Nads or pick the supreme sandwiches and burgers to end all hunger pangs. For those who like to have a big meal before they take off, there are the Epic Lunch Thalis, Biryanis, and OG SOCIAL Substantials that are sure to uplift the mood. The beverage section highlights exotic mocktails, iced teas, juice, and classic coffees so that one can enjoy a relaxing meal.

The newest outpost also provides a perfect balance of work and play, featuring a co-working space for creative independents. This space amid the bustling Aerocity offers everyone an escape from their usual office routine, giving them an office-away-from-office, while bringing together creative minds across industries.

To create hype about the launch, SOCIAL has been running a fun marketing campaign that offers funny takes on actual travel insights. Some of the instances that have been covered include, fighting over the armrest during a flight, the shock of ordering food at the airport and hearing the amount of the bill, the bane of annoying co-passengers and more. Each of these videos culminated by telling viewers that they could avoid all these by winging it at Aerocity SOCIAL.

“At SOCIAL we strive to create a hyper-local experience that is in keeping with the location of the outpost. That’s exactly what we have done with the aeronautical themed, Aerocity SOCIAL. It’s our third outpost to open in New Delhi this year and we’re just getting started. With Impresario Handmade Restaurants completing 20 years, our marquee brand SOCIAL is solidifying its footprint in Delhi, intending to be in every notable location, making the brand even more iconic,” says Riyaaz Amlani, CEO - Impresario Handmade Restaurants on SOCIAL and creating unique dining experiences through each outpost.

“Aerocity is a hub for businesses, locals and travellers alike. It seemed like a natural fit for us to set up an outpost here. We aim to offer something unique to everyone that’s passing through, be it a great meal and relaxed space for travellers or a creatively charged work space for young entrepreneurs. We want to create a micro-hub where people can come together to eat, drink, find community, showcase art, explore culture, listen to amazing music and just have fun!” Says - Mayank Bhatt - Brand Head, SOCIAL- Impresario Handmade Restaurants.





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